Thursday, 23 September 2010

My day off ♥

I work for a proffesional makeup company, and I love my job! Having to wear a complete face of makeup to work does make me feel confident, and enjoy that part of my job. However on my days off I don’t want to wear lots of makeup and I want to give me skin the day off too, but I do want to have beauty confidence with as little makeup as I can. So below I am going through my “day off makeup”, to show you I don’t need all the makeup everyday that I think I need. I am a huge Clinique fan so all the products below are from Clinique, because a lot of their products not only look lush, they work as treatments for the skin as well.

On my days off I always start with a good skin facial, I always spend the time putting in the extra spa elements of good skin, like including a scrub or a mask. As we don’t always have time to do them on a weekday at 7am, and quite frankly I can’t be bothered! And because I always do a thorough skin clean, I make sure I put the moisture back in, for a luxury skin soft feel.

My eyes
I apply buff colour surge eye shadow on my entire eye, to give it a canvas colour with the added bit of sparkle. Then I use the quick liner in grape as it’s my fave, it’s quite a bright colour, just because it’s my day off doesn’t mean I have to be boring! I am looking into buying Indigo soon… Then I use Clinique’s High Impact mascara to make my eyes pop out.


Eye cost: £41

My lips
I use Super balm in Apricot. The other colours are lush too. It basically deeply hydrates and repairs dry, distressed lips and replenishes moisture loss. They give my lips a satiny-smooth look and feel. Yayy!

Lips cost: £14.50

I say NO to foundation on my days off. And let my natural “cheeky” beauty shine. To prevent me from looking dead though, I use the touch-on, stay-on, cream-to-powder cheek cream blusher in Rosy. My fave Clinique product at the moment. Then I use in neutral fair in the airbrush concelor on my spotty chin, under my eyes and around my nose. :)

Cheeks cost: £33.5

So my natural healthy face is worth £89, however I feel I look a million dollars, thank you Clinique!

Can you imagine how much I spend on makeup when I do full on glamour; I am not going to work that one out…

Love Hannah xx

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