Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I commute by train to work everyday and last night I read an article that inspired me in a makeup dabble. I am always craving a fresh faced look that concludes in my features being defined and not so bare, therefore doesn’t make me look like a child. These celebrities get it just right.

The article was in the evening standard and these were the tips for a "fresh faced" appearance.

  • A face treat, to refresh your skin.
  • Don’t think cover, think define.
  • Do your makeup properly or learn how.
  • A new modern hair style, colour or cut.
  • Get the perfect eyebrows
  • And the perfect teeth.
Voila un makeover!


I took their advice and this is what I did.


I used Turrnaround Skin Renewer, Even better foundation Clinique, Sunlit palm cream eyeshadow clinique, Airkiss lipgloss Clinique, Lash Power mascara Clinique, Soft brown eyebrow pencil Clinique, and Poesy blush.

Love your hannah x
  • I used Clinique Turnaround Skin Renewer, which made my skin beautifully soft.
  • I am wearing minimal makeup products.
  • I got up 10 mins early to spend more time on my makeup, therefore more care, and better done.
  • I have gone with the Cheryl Cole side plat.
  • I perfectly filled in any missing hairs on my threaded eyebrows.
  • The perfect teeth...well...I cleaned them.


  1. Awesome, i think I will do this as well! =]


  2. You look great, this is what I try to do most days! :) x

  3. The look looks really good on you!

  4. great tips! need my eyebrows reshaped.. properly!

  5. loving that blush color on you!


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