Friday, 12 November 2010

Party parlour!


Meet my claw hand, hehe! In the week I paint a French manicure, I like it, it's cute, healthy and feminine. I use the O.P.I french manicure set. I adore the shades and the varnish lasts until I remove it.

Then on a Friday night I like to jazz up my nails and I am a fan of a sophisticated black or a red polish. But today I have gone for a change. I went for a wonder around the shops today and I have gone all Christmassy! I have gone for a deep turquoise wit glitter over the top (rubbish photo really). The colours are from O.P.I named: Yodel me on my cell and Absolutely Alice. It's glittery and fun, and it makes me feel happy.

Do you like this colour? Do you have a favourite festive or party nailvarnish's? I want some new party colours to try.

Love your hannah x


  1. I love the Blue polish! I like the classic french mani as well but they never look good on me because my nails are dark! :(

  2. I love the look of a french manicure, I'd have to get someone to do it for me though as I am pretty useless at painting my nails nicely! x

  3. ohh you have really tiny nails just like me!!! The polish looks great!

  4. I really like the blue!

    it is so pretty! =]


  5. Blue polish is always so much fun! And so is glittery polish! I think my favorite party or festive polish is anything glittery and sparkley!

  6. nice make up, you're really pretty ! :)

  7. I love the Alice line by OPI! I have the blue glitter and 2 bottles of the multi colored glitter (I was scared I would run out). It looks fantastic on you!
    I really think the super glittery polishes suit shorter nails. Great job!


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