Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Award Winning Trilogy Review

Hello gorgeous bloggers! Here is my big wobbly bottom…more on that later! This time of the year, I get super into my skin and body products, I think Christmas time is a brilliant chance to treat or repair your skin. I don’t like my droopy boobs, my flabby tummy, my disappearing bottom, and my Cumberland sausage legs! Therefore I like to keep my skin in good condition, because I think “If it doesn’t look great, at least make it feel great!” Does that make sense? Lol.

Today I am reviewing Triology, who have one plenty of awards. Trilogy is committed to delivering natural skincare that is better ethically and environmentally. The products are full of natural ingredients and super antioxidants.

The first product I tried was the Very Gentle and Calming Fluid designed for easily irritated skin in need of comfort and soothing hydration. It has a pump…The fluid is lighter than a serum, a water if you will, and I wasn’t sure how to apply it. As it just soaked into a cotton pad. I then applied some on the back of my hand, and applied it a bit at a time to my face. I don’t have irritated skin so it was hard to see if it works. However I will say it was very gentle and hydrating, and when I have had sore skin…a cream is sometimes to rich to fix my skin and makes it worse. So I think this product is a great for that reason. It has a lovely aromatherapy smell, which I like. However it does nothing on lines and wrinkles as being a skin care specialist, there is nothing present in the ingredients to do this. I give it 6 out of 10!

The second product was the Everything Balm. I thought this product was good. I think this should be the company’s “IT” product. You can use it on face, body, lips, cuticles and even babies bottoms! I wouldn’t use it on my face as I felt it was to oily for that, but I felt it was a good body moisturiser. It Soothed and softened my skin. I used it on all my dry bits for examples… my elbows, but also on my wobbly bits to prevent stretch mark scaring and my already present stretch marks. I give this product 8 out of 10!

I am really interested in other Trilogy Products, anyone tried any? I am off now, and I hope my bottom didn’t offend anyone.

Love Hannah x


  1. interesting review!

    i just bumped into your blog! amazing!

    xoxo from rome

  2. Ooh, i'm interested in the Everything Balm...I've not tried Trilogy you know where they sell them in the UK? xx

  3. this was so interesting :)everything balm look good :D

    thank you, you need to update us on what you've had in your amazing advent calendar ;) xx

  4. Oh & the reason I asked that question was because your title says makeup artist ;)

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  6. Hi Hannah,

    I’ve just read your blog about Trilogy Everything Balm – glad to hear you’ve had great results. I thought I’d let you know that Trilogy products can be purchased from (we’ve got free shipping until December 21) or or selected Boots, John Lewis and House of Fraser stores.

    Merry Christmas!


  7. Anonymous27/1/12 10:24

    you have a nice bum


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