Friday, 3 December 2010

N-Spa Professional products ♥

Arrrrrrrrgggh! Heavy head, snotty nose and skanky sweaty bed sheets. I am writing this post from my bed as I speak, gorgeous image eh? Feeling rubbish on your day off... is well... rubbish.

However two things have cheered me up. My boyfriend brought me breakfast before he left for work…some christmas chocolate coins, he knows me so well! The second is.. I did my gorgeous friends makeup the other day, for her Christmas do, and she very lovely, brought me a Nirvana Spa Gift set!

If you haven’t heard of Nirvana Spa… they are the number 1 Spa company in the UK, they give you ultimate indulgence. Imagine relaxing in a health spa with 6 pure, natural spring-fed pools, with water clean enough to drink. Your lounger awaits you, creating that wonderful "holiday feeling" as soon as you arrive. The friendly staff will tend to your every need at the UK’s largest, purest, award-winning Day Spa.

We are going for a day in Febraury, I have never been before! So today, here is my review of their products. You can purchase their N-Spa Professional products from a Spa itself or online at

I had a bath using “Float Away” it was delicious. OMG. I can’t smell at the moment, but I could smell this! It has a warming aromatherapy smell, and enabled my back, neck, arms and legs to sink into the bath. Another thing about this bath product you feel clean and refreshed when you get out, hard to explain!

I used the “Skin Drench” body lotion when I got out, I expected it to be slightly thicker, and it sunk straight into my skin leaving it soft with a refreshing smell. Finally I used “Super Smooth” the hand and cuticle cream and does exactly what it says on the tin! It’s a light hand cream great for bringing your skin back to its natural PH after a shower or bath. I have yet to use “Softly Softy” the foot butter, but I am greatly looking forward to it.

I want another bath now!

Anyone been to a Nirvana Spa before? Anyone used any of their products? Has anyone got a magic wand, to make me feel better? Hehe!

Love to all, Hannah x


  1. Haven't heard of it before but the products sound great...Get well soon dear!!

  2. oooh sounds amazing! shame my boiler in my flat in London doesn't actually heat up enough water to fill the bath otherwise I'd be seriously tempted! Been battling the cold bugs too this week! Hope you feel better soon x

  3. How nice of your friend! The spa set sounds so relaxing! Hope you get to feeling better soon!


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