Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Goodbye for now!

Hello, my lovely followers. I have got bad news and good news.  Bad news= I am coming off for the moment.

Good news= I got an amazing promotion! As you may already know, I work for the number 1 skincare company. I believe now my career is a lot more serious, I don't think I'm being true to myself or the company that I adore, when reviewing other companies products.

Please don't un-follow me as I plan to post more, just not at the moment. Anyone know what I can blog about? I will still read all you blogs every morning, and every evening on the train. I always try to comment but stupid connection is uber rubbish when travelling on the choo choo.

Anyway, please be happy for me! I am! I don't start till the first week of Febraury. Anyone want to email me ( or comment please do. I would love to hear from you all.

Keep blogging, do it because you love it, that's what I did. :)
Love Hannah x


  1. Congratulations on the promotion! Will miss your lovely posts but hopefully you won't be away for too long! xxx

  2. Oh that is sad.. I hope they haven't asked you not to do this???

    Anyway LOTS of luck with new job, how exciting xxx

  3. Well done,good luck with your new job but I do believe you should carry on,even if it is every now and then.Maybe you can create or recreate new beauty looks using your employers products!

  4. Aw congratulations on your promotion! I'm glad you're still blogging - just have fun with it! xx


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