Monday, 20 September 2010

Catwalk to home.

At last Friday’s Look show, two strong makeup trends were evident. The bronze heroine chic makeup and the gothic purple theme. I am obviously not a model, in shape, cheekbones, and catwalk style. So I have adapted both of these looks to my shape, cheekbones and my stylish, yet slightly more relaxed fashion than the gorgeous models!

So... the gothic look. I started off with a very white eye base, then I blended in some purple and some browns into my lid. Then to finish the eyes I applied a solid black gel eyeliner and bold mascara. I then applied a cool purple lipstick for a bold impact. Then to finish an extreme pink blusher on to my cheekbones.

P.S Thanks Look! I love the goody bag and I love this lilac coloured nail varnish, whoop! xx

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