Sunday, 19 September 2010

The Look Show!

On the Friday just gone, I had the lushest day ever. I went to “Look” magazine’s fashion show, never mind London fashion week, the designs on our catwalk were the real stars! It was a really great idea, it was all the great names of the high street showing off their latest collections. Like: H&M, French Connection, River Island, Oasis, D.Perkins, Monsoon, Mango, New look Look shoes (exclusive), Next, Marks & Spencer, and Warehouse.

I won the tickets from a style competition I had entered with Monsoon, and the lovely Amy chose me. Cheers! I took my friend Lea, and we met up with 2 other lush winners Carla & Lauren. Together we drank champagne, had lots of photos taken with famous people (see my fb), met the stunning models, and had hand massages (yes its true), and then finally watched the amazing show together. I have over 100 photos so if you want to check them out add me, or look on my face book page (Hannah Griffiths.)

So the show… as I said it was amazing, and here are my favourite of the overall designs.

Now I love my fashion and don’t get me wrong, but I am a makeup girl at heart and always will be. :) There were two main looks going on. Dark gothic lips, a kind of revamp of the 90’s heroin chic. However with colour that slowly warmed the models face, ranging from blue to purple, to shades of grey. The makeup I think resembled imagery of powerful strong Amazonian women. Cheeks and strong lips that could kill you. Another face was the bronzed eye look; it gave glamour to the summer eye fading into autumn, and made the eyes pop out. Please see below. So in true Hannah style I will be recreating these looks on my blog later this week. So stay tuned folks!

Another fabulous thing…I managed to talk to the makeup artist there for Mac and she was lush, and I gave her my business card. Please call me, hehe!

To end my review of my brilliant day, here is a photo with me and the gorgeous plus size model Hayley Moore. Who was bootiful!

Love Hannah xx

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  1. Aww it was so much fun and so lovely to meet you!

    Lauren xxx
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