Sunday, 12 September 2010

Handbag make-up musts

As ladies it is very easy to fill our entire handbags with makeup and with the amount of make-up I own I would need 10 million handbags! So I am going to share with you what I keep in my handbag make-up bag and I believe these are the handbag musts and the ONLY handbag musts.

I keep my makeup in its own mini bag to make it easy to find, for a quick touch up in the ladies. If the worse was to happen, a makeup leak, it would keep it separate from your phone and damaging your lush handbag.

Cleansing wipes are perfect to eliminate any mid-day smudges or if you want to reapply an area of makeup on a cleaner flatter base. I use Tesco’s sensitive skin Cosmetic Wipes.

Hair ties and Kirby grips are brilliant for the days when you did the perfect blow-dry in the morning, but on your walk to work it pours down with rainy leaving you with crinkly and frizzy hair. You can buy these things from anywhere Boots, Superdrug etc. Another hair must is hair serum, hair can fly away in the day so add shine and moisture with hair serum, I apply Pantene’s anti-frizz serum to ends of my hair.

I love Clinique’s limited edition Happy in bloom perfume it is a perfect handbag size and has a fresh yet romantic scent.

Lipsticks come off. Even if they are long-lasting the pigmentation may stay on your lips but the shine and thickness may not. I use Clinique’s butter shine lipstick in Raspberry Rush, it adds must needed moisture on my lips and they become full again as if first applied.

I also use Clinique’s long last gloss wear in air kiss, and I just apply it to the middle of my lips to add such glamour and sparkle to my lips, it also has SPF 15 so not only does it look fabulous, it’s good for you! Well…that’s what I tell my boyfriend.

Nails chip. Fact. So I have Boots cheapest nail files to reshape them and the brilliant OPI nail varnish in Passion.

Blusher can dissolve or sink, so I use Dior’s Rose Draghee blush to put the colour back into my cheeks on a stressful day at work! To I apply I use my perfect sized Ruby & Millie face brush.

I get tired and it shows on my face, specifically under my eyes so I use Dior's Pinceau Booster D’eclat which is a radiance booster pen and takes away my dark circles under and in the corner of my eyes, it is light reflects making me look bright eyed all over again.

So these are my musts. Go fourth and minimise your handbag make up! Obviously you may want to add one or two more items to your mini bag but stop there. To recap what you need look below, but be sure to find the right brand, shade, colours and smells right for you.

• Cleansing wipes.

• Hair accessorises.

• Mini perfume.

• Lipstick.

• Lipgloss.

• Nail varnish & file.

• Blusher & brush.

• Concelor

Good news my business cards have arrived! So if anyone wants one or knows someone who would, let me know ladies!

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