Thursday, 7 October 2010

The 60's face.

Bringing the 60’s to today

If you read my earlier posts you will know I adore Edie Sedgewick’s1960’s makeup. Today I felt like I wanted to be all “eyes” so I took inspiration from Edie. The contrast between the style in the 1960’s and today’s style is less liney, with a more messy look on the catwalks.

How To:

  • I began with a white base all over the eye up to the eyebrow.
  • I added a black blunt pencil line following my higher orbital bone.
  • I used the line as a guide, then with a thin brushes thickness, below the line I brushed on layers of black eye shadow.
  • I then gently blended down the colour on to the lid, creating a grey shape.
  • I added plenty of mascara top and bottom, going for the spider look!
  • I used gel eyeliner on the top of my eye.
  • Finally with the gel liner, I pained on three black fake lashes on the bottom lid.

This is my look. If I wanted to go further I would thicken my eyebrows, and apply fake eyelashes. I would probably do this if I was going out in the evening, but its 10am.

Then to finish the look, which is fairly minimal. I put on my foundation now rather than earlier, as the look can be messy and shadow can fall below the eye, so a tidy up is usually necessary. Then I applied a rosy cream blush and nude white lipstick.

Love Hannahxxx

I shall leave you with a lush short slideshow of Edie's makeup and fashion.


  1. Nice and creative- Love it! ;)

  2. I love that look, so cute!


  3. very pretty, i love it <3

    x Christine

  4. I love this look it's gorge


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