Thursday, 14 October 2010

Ho ho ho! This what you should get your boyfriend for christmas!

My boyfriend is naturally handsome. Like most men, when I met him he didn’t have any male beauty products just hair gel, body wash, and shampoo. But since I have entered his life, they has been an improvement (or he says a takeover) and he now has lovely skin and it’s all down to me. It now doesn’t look like I live with surfer, footballer, golfer, and biker, it looks like I share my bathroom with a gay man! Lol.

Owen likes things to be simple. He likes the products I have bought him, as he enjoys seeing the results. Both his Clinique shaving set and the 3 step skincare system.  Interested? Well. At Christmas these sets are cheaper than normal and they give you free travel sets too, so it’s the best time to buy really. 2 pay days left until christmas. However warning: they will be all sold by early December.

I thoroughly recommend Clinique for a lovely Christmas present for any man in your life.

So Skincare
Clinique's 3 step system is quick and effective. It is based on the research and experience of guiding dermatologists and the unique needs of men's skin. Everything's custom-fit to his skin type, a wash, a scuffing lotion and moisturizing lotion.

So Shaving
You have the male face scrub which is a Pre-shave essential. The cream shave is an ultra-rich shaving cream softens hair so razor glides along skin, doesn't drag. The post shave healer is soothing after-shave treatment contains aloe to help calm razor burn and relieve dryness.

Clinique counters got their first delivery in last week so get in their quick girls!

Love Hannah xx


  1. ooooOOOOooooo...i like this!!! my hubbys they same way looks like im sharing a house wit a gay man!!!!

  2. My boyf is partial to some girly pampering (he'd kill me if he knew I was posting this) ... ha ha!
    I'll remember this for Christmas!


  3. Thank you for letting me know the colors you like for the mac giveaway. Its more fun to put together a mac goodiebag, when i know what my readers like :)

    x Christine

  4. Clinique is amazing, they have the best stuff :D I'll remember this for Christmas indeed :D


    thanks for the very sweet comment, hope you're following!

  5. What a good idea, my boyfriend uses basically no products and this could be his starting point.


  6. wow! thanks for the review!
    I don't have a boyfriend to recommend this with-lame eh? haha.
    But I have a brother.
    thanks for the idea.
    you got a nice blog too.

    and try to visit my blog too.thank you:)

    I followed you. It would be ecstatic if you follow me back:))

  7. Great blog! Wonderful Ideas! Thanks so much! I feel much better about shopping for my picky guy lol :]

  8. Hahah this post made me giggle because I can relate ;-P This is a really great idea !


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