Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Turn around bright eyes!

Today's second and final post. I am into looking fresh and bright at the moment. I needed a look that says I have get up and go, even though I maybe tired and it’s raining outside. Lol. I adored a photograph in Glamour magazine advertising Gucci and especially loved the models eyes. Here it is.

So I did my own bright eyes.

  • I applied my Rimmel in Ivory foundation all over.
  • I got out my Ruby & Millie eye shadows out, I have a huge palette.
  • I then applied a white base all over the eye.
  • Then a bright but slightly cold blue on the lid.
  • Finally a deep blue on the eye line.
  • I blended all three colours together.
  • I used a cleansing wipes to corner a point for a bolder look.
  • I applied lots of Dior Show mascara, top and bottom.
  • I then applied Ylure Naturalites strip lashes.
  • I used Clinique’s airbrush concelor in neutral fair, under and in the corner of my eyes to create a brighter image.
  • Juicy lips! I used a Clinique’s lip smoothie in mango-athon.
  • To add life to my cheeks, Clinique’s rosy cream blush.


I say no to early mornings! I say no to boring make up! I say HELLO to brighter eyes!

Love Hannah x


  1. I love bright eyes!
    Oooh, that sounds like a good idea! thanks :-)

  2. bright eye look great !!!
    new follower hope you can follow too !!!

  3. Love your blog! Please visit/join mine:)

  4. so pretty :)

    x Christine


  5. Wow your make up looks incredible! I must take some tips! x



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