Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Turnaround concentrates visible skin renewer!

The marvellous product…

My first post of today. I work for the number one cosmetic brand and last year I finished my degree in Journalism & Creative writing. I spend my time with my boyfriend, my mummy, my friends, my blog, my career, housework and chocolate. Hehe! My skincare needs to be quick and simple, as I am girl with little time to spare. My skin concern is dullness, as heavy makeup and flaky patches stop my skin being at its best.

I use Clinique’s 3 step skin routine for dry combination and Super defense SPF 25 Age Defense Moisturizer. I collect Clinique samples and eventually end up buying them. I have tried them all! I have purchased the 7 day scrub and the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief and use it as the mask. They are just amazing! But it’s important the keep skincare simple and not overload your face!

Yesterday I added to my list of Clinique treatments…

Turnaround concentrates visible skin renewer! It is a lush product, and once I tried it I had to buy. High-performance cocktail of exfoliating ingredients prompts a renewal process that is multilevel, time-released. Speeds fresh cells to the surface. Continually unveils brighter, more radiant skin. Leaves my skin smooth, comfortable, brighter and definitely more radiant. Perfect for people who feel their skin is looking duller.

Love Hannah x


  1. Very jealous of how good your face looks without makeup Han!!

    Leannemariea.blogspot.com :) xx

  2. i love the turnaround concentrate! my skin defo feels smoother after I use it =)

  3. I am using the same face routine, but i purchased the Dark Spot Corrector. And I think it's working, ho ho ho!!! I dont know yet, ive only been using ti for almost 2 weeks. so I can't really tell. But im happy with the facial wash and toner....

  4. Hey Hannah, ahah I checked out your blog after replying to your comment on mine.
    It's funny that I have just said that Clinique's skincare is a bit of a BS, as I haven't found many of their products to be effective.
    Especially the 3 steps routine!

    Maybe it is just my skin, I don't know, but even most of my friends didn't like it :(
    However I love Clinique's makeup :)
    Do you work for them?


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