Saturday, 30 October 2010

Purple Churple & Plum Seduction CLINIQUE ♥

Reading this months COMPANY I came across the article on Purple Reign. Love it! Purple is the most super popular colour when my clients have makeovers. Whether it’s a subtle hint or a chumba wumba dramatic eye.

Here are some smashing purple churple eyes!

Today I am reviewing my new eye shadow palette Plum seduction from Clinique. I adore it. Its has four stunning coordinating shades of velvety, shimmery colour to create the looks you want, from natural to dramatic. Creamy, intense shadows build quickly, blend easily for lasting colour. Wear them alone, as duos and trios, or layered together.

I find Clinique eyeshadows pigmented, blendable, and long-lasting. Color Surge is the overarching name of the Clinique powder eye shadows, and they come in a range of formulas (Matte, Soft Shimmer, and Super Shimmer). The shadows are soft and lovely, and while most are them are more natural, every day colours, there are some non-earth tone colours in the line. The quad I chose is one of these, as you can probably assume from the name!

Love your Hannah x


  1. Great pics, does it take long to do this? (can you just slap it on quick or do you need to take time to get colours right?)

    All do please see my blog, I'm running a giveaway until 13th Nov x

  2. i love purple, its such a pretty color and it looks really pretty on you <3

    xoxo Christine

  3. Thank you gorgeous ladies! :)

    It doesn't take much time no, I shower, makeup, dress, hair in 40 minutes. Maybe 5 mins more, but then I get shouted at, lol! x

  4. This eyeshadow looks gorgeous on you. :-)

  5. I have blue eyes, I'm not really sure if that matches good with purple... :s
    but.. I'm going to try :D


  6. I normally steer away from purple eyeshadow as I worry my blue eyes will clash. But you look lovely!


  7. I love the clinique eyeshadows - they really are super soft!
    & i really like how you've made the statement purple trend into a much more wearable look :)

  8. wow i've never given any time to Clinique but those look really amazing

  9. Love this makeup palette. Such pretty colors.

  10. my faavourite colour! p.s. i gave u an award on my blog =)


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