Friday, 29 October 2010

Pretty in pale. ♥

I am pale. And you know what, I love it. When I was growing I hated being a redhead and pale. But now I indulge in my uniqueness.

In a glamourous world with spray booths and tangerine bodies, I flaunt my fair complexions with vanity. Pale skin IS beautiful, healthy, and natural.

They are some stunning fair complexion icons.

I don’t tan because I basically burn, and that chuffin well hurts! Also another important reason is...I don't go cooking myself is because of the health risks of Skin cancer. More exposure to the sun aswell as artificial tanning causes more visible signs of aging.  And by working for the number one skin care company, I treasure my skin! 
I am perfectly happy with my Clinique skincare and makeup, but I have heard about Nicola Roberts’s range of makeup for the paler skin. It’s exclusive to Harrods London.  Anyone tried any of her products? I am very curious.  I have heard good reviews so far. The prices seem reasonable considering this is a niche product.

Love your Hannah x


  1. I am a pale redhead too & I love it! I'm also called Hannah...spooky haha. The Nicola Roberts range looks pretty interesting, especially the foundation colours & lip glosses x

  2. I'm pale and redhead too but I'm not called Hannah lol. I love being different to all my friends. It makes life more interesting! Love your blog my fellow redheaded siren<3

    Freya xxxo

  3. Pale is beautiful !!! love it !!

    ps please don't forget to enter my Stilla giveaway xoxxoxo

  4. Not a redhead, but I'm pale too and I definitely agree with you! Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog, come back anytime :)

    <3 Alison

  5. I'm half white, and half Hispanic. You can not tell that I have an ounce of latina blood in my body! I have pink undertones whereas my sister has olive.
    Growing up in New Mexico was difficult during middle school because mostly everyone was Mexican and at the time being "white" was considered to be nerdy and uncool. (kids can be so CRUEL!)
    But now I'm a lot older, I'm proud of who I am! Yay for ethnicity confidence! :D lol!

  6. I'm not a redhead but I am pale. I embrace my paleness and never go on sunbeds or use fake tan, i don't know why some people see being pale as a bad thing?!

    I've never used any of the danity doll collection, I wonder if it's any good.

  7. I don't tan either and I'm really scared of fake tan stuff... I'm so pale and I think I'd turn orange

  8. I love this post :)
    I'm pale - NC10-15, and for a really long time I hated being the palest out of my friends, but I'm begining to embrace my skin tone.
    i haven't tried any of her stuff-yet- but I'm definately thinking about it x

  9. I'm dark haired and pale and me likey :0)
    Nothing wrong with going minus-a-tan!

    Readers please see my blog, I'm running a giveaway until 13th Nov x

  10. Loved this post! It's so true..I'm very very fair and by times I hate it so much but I think that you don't need to try to change your skin colour, by adding tons of bronzer or spray tan but just sublimize your skin colour . :-)
    PALE AND (almost) PROUD. I'm sure that the trends are gonna change again because of the tremendous amounts of skin cancer due to sun booth. Power to paaaale :-)


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