Friday, 26 November 2010

Claudia Winklemen clone? ♥

Who's your unusual inspiration?

Today I am writing about someones face I wish I had. Claudia Winklemen. Claudia is 38 years old, an English television presenter, radio personality and journalist. Currently she is one of the presenters of “Strictly Come Dancing”. She has stunning fashion sense too. I have opted for a Claudia makeover!

My procedure:
·        I have cut my fringe.
·        I went to see my Mummy & I had a St.Tropez tan all over.
·        I used Clinique’s really black Kohl pencil around my eye and smudged it.
·        Next Maybelline Falsies Express Mascara to enlarge my lashes.
·        I have super sore lips, so just Vaseline on the lippies.
·        I penciled in my eyebrows.
·        To conclude with Clarin’s Raspberry blush.
·        Oh and a bit of concelor in a medium colour, on any spottiness!
·        I then used my red Dior nail varnish (842) with Barry M’s nail effects for some uber cool nails.

Things I bought for my makeover are:
  • Maybelline's Falsies Mascara- I adore it!!!
  • Maxfactor eyebrow pencil- a little hard, but a perfect shade for me.
  • Barry M Nail effects- finally got hold of one! I think it's uber funky monkey!

So watch out Claudia! What do you think of my mini makeover? So who's your unusual inspiration and why? I would love to know. ♥

Love Hannah x


  1. You're so pretty! and I get inspired by many people, at the moment I love Jessie J and her style! :)

  2. Awesome makeover! I've been wanting to cut fringe, maybe this will motivate me! You look so great! Claudia is beautiful! I understand why you did a makeover inspired by her!

  3. I think that if your hair was darker like hers you would actually look like a clone of hers!!!!
    BUT I think you look way beautiful than her to be honest, love your smile (:

  4. Wow! Loving the hair and fringe it really suits you! Looks really lovely! x

  5. I love the image and you look great too, that haircut is amazing!

  6. you look soo pretty! i've actually never heard of her :S but anyway shes gorgeous and you are too!

  7. I've always loved her style but I thought I was the only one!
    love the mini make over :)

  8. oooooh i like it - i dont have one inspiration xxx

  9. I did not know Claudia and I think she is stunning!! And you totally look like her in hairstyle and makeup!!
    I am a new follower here,

  10. Ahh you look great, I have always loved Claudia's hair & make up... it really suits you! xx


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