Saturday, 6 November 2010

I love red lipstick. ♥

Hello gorgeous ladies!
On this beatuiful firework lit night, I am writing to you about the classic that is red lipstick. Well... it's better to just show you.

Red lips can be sexy, retro, or innocent. Either way, they sure do make an impact.

Thank you anyone who commented on my little graduation photograph. I wore a lush bright red lipstick, because despite all the seriousness of the day I wanted to be myself. And I am dam well love a red lippy! It started when I was 8 years old and I wanted to be the gorgeous Gwen Stefani.

This week I went out for a sophisticated dinner with friends and wore a chic little number and I decided to go all Chanel with the full fringe and the long pony tail. To finish my look I chose a dark, deep red.

My 2 lovers for that evening were:

  • Cranberry Cream Lipstick Clinique
  • Really black cream liner Clinique

love your hannah


  1. That's such a beautiful look on you :)

  2. very pretty look...lovely.

  3. you suit red lips so well :)

  4. So pretty! You rock red lips! And your whole outfit looks beautiful!

  5. Ahh i love red lipstick! & you look lovely :)

  6. i love red lipstick on people, i'm not brave enough to try and pull it off though. i'm on the lookout for one that's quite sheer to start off with :) x

  7. I reach for the red when I want a bit of drama!

  8. nothing sexier than a red lip! yours looks great xo

  9. i love red! always gorgeous :) great blog!

  10. Anonymous2/3/11 02:54

    they'd look great wrapped around my pole


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