Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Subtle beauty ♥

Hello lovelies, some of you may of read "My Day Off" where I blogged about my uber minimal makeup look. Today’s blog is on my subtle make up look. The subtle look is based on a good coverage and defining my facial features more, with a slight hint of colour.

Products I have used:

Clinique 3 step, Superdefense SPF 25 Clinique, Clinique airbrush concelor, Redness Solutions Calming Neutral foundation, Invisible matt powder Clinique, Ruby & Millie blush from palette, Colour surge eye shadow Buff Clinique, Ruby & Millie brown from palette eye shadow. Creamy nude lipstick Clinique, Soft brown eyebrow pencil Clinique, High Impact Mascara Clinique, Quick liner Smokey brown Clinique.

My tips are:
  • Apply thin layers of everything, its easy to build up, harder to take off.
  • Blend, blend, blend and blend.

A basic simple look requires 8 steps.

  1. Good skin care- your makeup is only going to look as good as the skin beneath.
  2. Concelor- use it on the areas that need it. I use it to cover my chin scars and under & in the corner of my eyes, for a wide eye look.
  3. Foundation- apply with a foundation brush following your hair line to create a flatter yet glowing look, and you use less product!
  4. Powder- I use an invisible powder to reduce any shine and to keep my makeup put.
  5. Blush- to bring life to canvassed cheeks.
  6. Lipstick- to create impact on my lips.
  7. Eyebrows- Brush and pencil in, any missing hairs. Your eyebrows define you face.
  8. Eye shadow & liner & mascara- to add femininity flutters.
I hope you like my post!
love your hannah x


  1. Very nice natural look. :-)

  2. thanks for these tips! You'r skin looks great! *-*

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog!
    You look gorgeous in these pics, love your eyes!

  4. This is a great look on you! I love it!

  5. You look really pretty! :)

  6. Hey you look so pretty!! Great post!

  7. great tips!
    thin layers definately helps :)

  8. @Hannah Id love to! Do you have any favorite eyeshadow combination i can recreate? or just recreate one of your looks? any special requests?

  9. Hi Hannah :-) firstly, I really like your blog. So versatile and full of many great tips. Secondly. I LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOUR. Oh em gee! So friggin gorgeous. It is natural? I loooove it , it suits you so well :-)


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