Saturday, 20 November 2010

Please Pick Me A Perfume. ♥

Hello gorgeous ladies! Today I am chatting about Perfumes. All my favourite perfumes have been discovered either by smelling them in magazines, or smelling them on friends. Here are my lush favourites. ♥

No way can I sell you a perfume on a blog, it’s not smellavision, but in case you've never smelt any of my faves, there is my “Hannah description!”

My babies of 2010 are:

  1. DKNY Apple- smells like a juicy fruit…well an apple.
  2. Vivenne Westwood Boudoir- smells like a posh British girl.
  3. Jean Paul Gaultier Femme- smells very floral but elegant.
  4. Ralph Lauren Femme- smells fresh and young.
  5. Anna Sui, Sui Dreams- mells like a sexy, coesy, winter.
  6. Eacharel- smells like a rose gadern.
  7. Vera Wang Princess- smells beautiful and a bit like chocolate.
  8. My Place or yours- smells like cocktail.
  9. Clinique Happy- smells fresh and tangy.
  10. J'adore Dior- smells sophisticated and cosmopolitan.
However these are the 2010 world wide most popular perfumes...
  • Delices de Cartier by Cartier
  • Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez
  • Princess by Vera Wang.
  • Island Michael Kors by Michael KorsPink Sugar by Aquolina
  • Hanae Mori Butterfly by Hanae Mori
  • Prada by Prada
  • Magnetism by Escada
  • Creme Bouquet by Stilla
  • Brit by Burberry
So I am fancying a new perfume for Christmas and I'm going to go shopping and visit a perfurmery. Any suggestions? What is your favourite? I need a list...

Love your hannah x


  1. My 2 absolute 2010 favorites are:

    Black Orchid by Tom Ford- WOW!


    Alien by Thierry Mugler - just wow again!

    Those 2 you must check out xx

  2. Haha I actually don't have any perfumes! Shame on me :P I just can't find one that I like as mostly I find they all smell the same so I guess I must be real fussy about perfumes, although I am liking DKNY Be Delicious, from samples it smells quite nice :) xx

  3. Good choices. I also have Happy and Dior. My all-time favorite perfume is Burberry London. My new favorite is Gucci Guilty.

  4. I love Chloe. It's my absolute favorite. I think you may like it.

  5. My sister really wants that DKNY apple! I think I shall get it for her now that I got a second opinion ha :)

  6. Calvin Klein Euphoria is one of my favorites! I'm not a huge perfume girl, so I don't have a lot of suggestions. I have been impressed by the scents from The Morbid The Merrier!

  7. I love these! Nice post. I am following!

  8. Hmm.. I like the sound of the Jean Paul Gautier Femme :)

  9. Oh yeah, I agree with the first post.....I knew a girl who wore Black Orchid and it smelt amazing, whenever she left the room it would linger and was just so yummy.

    My personal fave is YSL Parisienne, I loooove it, it's the only perfume I've brought more than once. Another that I love, that is actually rather similar to Parisienne, is Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb.

    Let me know which perfume you end up getting!

    Sarah xx

  10. britney spears fantasy is lovely, and chloe is gorgeous too :) xx

  11. The chanel eau de fraiche and chloe perfume are my favourites they smell gorgeous.

    I also like the ckn2u calvin klien, but it smells different on me than it does on other people?!

    X x

  12. I love clinique Happy! I have been wearing it since I was 10!! :]

  13. Hey Hannah, just coming back to say I have given you an award on my blog

  14. hmmm i'm trying to think of the new ones we have at my work....the new britney spears radiance smells amazing, surprisingly the new ed hardy perfumes are really nice as well lol can also never go wrong with a classic like chanel no. 5 :)

  15. No new one's have caught my eye yet
    My favourites are:
    -Nina by Nina Ricci(has a apple shaped bottle)
    -Narciso Rodriguez for Her by Narciso Rodriguez (has a sexy spiced lotion smell,similar to Agent Provocateur)
    -Dior Addict (spicy yet woody yet sweet smell)
    -Kenzo Flower (Strange floral scent that works)

    Good luck Hannah

  16. my favourites are miss dior cherie and alien by theirry mugler :) xx


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