Monday, 22 November 2010

Make Up Myths :S

Hello lovlies! Coming into Christmas (yay!) clients often want a new look, and I often suggest the modern Smokey eye. The myth is... that the S.E is only for the young and for evening wear. Rubbish! You can do a Smokey eye for any time, place or occasion. And on any person!

Smokey eyes have become a classic eye makeup look. How dramatic your appearnce is, is concluded by the balance of your eye make up with your entire face. You can go uber full on with red lips and dark noir eyes, or a light purple Smokey eye with a brown lipstick. It’s completely up to you.

Today I fancied a Smokey eye look. Baring in mind I was working today, I wanted the glamour but with out the party themed look. Also to be done in 5 minutes, because I was already running 10 minutes late…eeek!

How I made my magic:

      1.      Applied my Clinique Even Better foundation.
2.      Then I used my base eye shadow, a near white, all over my eye.
3.      Next my charcoal grey shadow (both shadows are from my Ruby & Millie palette) on my bottom lid and pushed it out to the ends.
4.      I then used a special brush, to blend, blend, and blend!
5.      Then I used my Clinique black pencil liner all around my eye.
6.      With a cotton bud I softened and smudged the solid black line.
7.      I then applied a moderate amount of Lash Power mascara.
8.      Next I applied concelor in the corner of my eyes, to create a wide eye and fresh look.
9.    I used the concelor underneath the eye, to result in the eyeliner really standing out.
10.  My brows! I penciled in my eyebrows with a Dior pencil, to a natural style.
11.  I then used Clinique's Apricot Superbalm to enhance my lips natural shape, and colour, with out taking the power away from eyes.
12.  Then to give me perky cheeks, I went for a bright pink blush, Raspberry from Clarins.

Other fabulous day time smokey eyes!

Any beauty myths that you have busted? How do you break the rules with makeup?

Love your Hannah x


  1. What a great smokey eye! Very wearable for daytime!

  2. oooh looks lovely! i <3 smokey eye!

  3. Love this post! Keep up the great work!

  4. i luv the way it came out on you! beautiful! you can never go wrong with the "smokey eye"!!

  5. Gorgeous! I love the way you have extended it. Looks amazing on you :)

  6. The smokey eye looks beautiful on you x

  7. You look gorgeous dear! I love this look on you ;)

  8. You look so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
    I think I never broke any rule because I'm really not adventurous with make up unfortunately \:

  9. I've done a day time smokey eye quite a few times - normally when i'm feeling under the weather to make myself feel glammed up lol
    love this look!

  10. OMG, you have such nice skin! HAHA... so flawless! :0
    Thanks for the follow. I'm definitely following you ;)

  11. You are so beautiful!like morning dew...
    Thank you so much for your so elegant comment you left on my blog...
    I am following..

  12. Ooooh, this looks lovely - I always want smokey eyes for the day, going to give this a go!

    My beauty myth is: You can't wear heavy eye make-up with red lips. You think this is true??



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